Boutique hotel Rome

Rooms & Dependance

A unique and exclusive selection of rooms in Rome

Inside the ancient Print House we tell everyday the story of our guests, writing the pages and unforgettable chapters, starting from the begin: the discovery of our room selection. Romantic, luxurious and designer, a perfect and balanced fusion of Italian style and contemporary comfort, traditional Roman hospitality and top class elegance.

In each of them the prestigious Calligaris elements are mixed with the charming handcrafted furniture.
You will be taken to each room by our staff, using, if you wish, the Shabbat elevator.
Discover each room type, and book yours, for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation in the Eternal City.


The classic rooms are cosy and bright, perfect as a base for your visit in Rome, but also for lingering during morning or evening in a comfort that engages all the senses. Sophisticated and elegant, they speak about the identity of Loly Boutique Hotel in every single detail. 

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The most romantic and sophisticated rooms, distinguished by a sought and intimate atmosphere. The perfect foundation for a thrilling and cheerful vacation, embellished by a wellness experience that starts from Trastevere’s alleys and continues inside our hotel. 

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The Italian designer’s exclusive furniture, the material pattern that meets each others and the qualities of natural light enhance our personal way to celebrate Rome in its most authenticity. Choose them for an immersive experience, characterised by a privileged tailor-made service.

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The most exclusive dimension, for those who want to experience Rome as a local, like a group of friends, families and couples who love maximum privacy. The same 4-star services as the hotel, with an exclusive entrance. A full immersion experience in the most authentic Rome.

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